So you’ve got two iPods but only one power socket. What’s a gadget fan to do? Well just buy the Griffin Powerdock!

There isn’t much to say about the Griffin Powerdock, it’s just one of those devices that does exactly what it says it does: charge two iPods at the same time from one power source!

In the box you get a power cable with various country tips on it, the silver docking station that takes two iPods and a plethora of cradles to fit all manner of iPods from years gone by.

Charging your iPod(s) is as simple as dumping it in the dock and waiting for them to charge. With zero indication on the unit itself you do have to look at the iPod itself to see how much longer you need to charge for, but it’s not biggie.

With Griffin Powerdock Charging Station you get eight Universal Dock inserts to fit most iPod models that charge by dock connector so you don’t have to buy any extra connectors: just plug it in!

The Griffin Powerdock is available right now with 41% saving at US $ 29.55!